7. Stickers
Social distance during the pandemic is essential to take care of your own health. However, facing the moment of greatest instability in the isolated history of friends, family and important people comes at a price: mental health can be affected.

To help people connect and support each other in a light and efficient way, we have created, in partnership with Estudio Pum, a series of stickers to be used during the quarantine. Addressing topics such as basic care, emotional support and relaxation, Stickers were designed to fit into possible conversations. Often, in difficult times, people don't know what to say and the sticker helps.

Intuitive, relaxed, serious when needed, universal and available on WhatsApp - the world's official communication platform during quarantine - they were launched in categories: more formal stickers to use with work people; more loving stickers to talk to friends and relatives; generic care and prevention stickers; stickers to relax and bring lightness to the moment.

Role: Creative/Art Director