1. Trending Botics

According to a study by FGV/DAPP, around 20% of all discussions about politics on social networks in Brazil are instigated by bots.

These malicious political bots impersonate real users, posting and interacting profusely with tweets that further their causes, thereby creating an artificial engagement.

This makes sure that a certain theme - often supported by fake news - reaches a growing number of people and gains relevance.

That’s why, by mixing an algorithm with the Twitter’s Streaming API,
Congresso em Foco, one of Brazil’s most influential political journals, developed a platform, where on a daily basis, users could follow and compare the candidates and political subjects most tweeted by these bots and their response to every new significant event related to the election, up to election day.

Role: Creative/Art Director

These data could be visualized in real time on our platform, and the highlights were turned into daily shareable cards, in which the activity tracked was summarized, in order to facilitate the understanding for social networks’ audiences.